2015 Toyota Highlander MSRP (Base Price)

While we wait for Toyota to officially release details related to their soon-to-be-released 2015 Highlander, interesting tidbits continue to surface. Most recently, I ran across what appears to be a master list of pricing info.

This document was dated July 25th and, from the looks of things list, all trim levels will see a flat $200 price increase vs. 2014 pricing levels. The base prices (MSRP) for the various models are listed below.

 Trim Level  2015 MSRP
 LE w/4-cylinder  $29,415
 LE w/6-cylinder  $30,720
 LE Plus  $32,940
 XLE  $36,240
 Limited  $39,840
 Limited Platinum  $42,330
 Limited Hybrid  $47,500
 Limited Hybrid Platinum  $49,990

It also appears that the “delivery, processing, and handling fee” (i.e., destination fee) will increase slightly, going from $860 to $885 $915.

Note that the above prices are for FWD models. The addition of AWD to your Highlander will add $1,460 to the sticker price in 2015, which is the same as the 2014 upcharge for AWD.

As for other options, such as the BluRay system and the driver’s tech package… I’m not sure. But, given that the Platinum (which includes the tech package) will increase the same amount as all other models, my best guess is that the pricing for the tech package ($1,400) won’t change.

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