Another Entune App (Suite) Update

In case you missed it, Toyota recently updated their Entune mobile app. And, while they were at it, they also updated the Entune App Suite software that resides in your Highlander’s head unit.

The newest version of the iPhone app is 1.15.37, which replaces 1.12.31 from April of last year. The new version includes a number of bug fixes as well as support for the Slacker Radio music service.

Once you’ve udpated the mobile app, the following message should pop up (on the head unit) the next time you connect it to your Highlander:

“A mandatory update is required. Would you like to start updating now or later? Entune Apps maybe [sic] unavailable until the mandatory update has been completed.”

Yes, this update is both mandatory and required. 😉

If you click “Now,” the update will download and install. I’m not sure how big the vehicle update is, but I did it in our driveway while my phone was connected to wifi so I didn’t really care.

Aside from the addition of Slacker Radio, which I’ve never used, the biggest change that I’ve noticed is that they’ve greatly improved support for iHeartRadio. In the past, they limited you to a pre-selected subset of 750 radio stations that didn’t include anything from our local market.

But now… The Entune App seems to provide full functionality. You can even access your list of favorites from your online account. That’s definitely a nice addition, and something that will make me more likely to use both Entune and iHeartRadio in the future.

Sadly, they haven’t fixed the need to relaunch the Entune mobile app just about anytime I get in the car. This is true even if the app is still running from a prior session. Very frustrating.

As a side note, I’ve also heard that there is an update available for the Entune firmware. I’m still on version 0101A1, but 0101C1 was apparently released in December 2014. Your dealer’s service department should be able to install the latest version for you.

Who knows, maybe the firmware update will patch the need to always relaunch the app. Or maybe it won’t. I’ll find out the next time I have our Highlander in for service.

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  • hh Oct 23, 2015

    Have you found that the I Heart Radio app will sometimes launch with all your favorite stations loaded and other times your favorites will be gone and you get a message saying “No favorites” selected? The app will run through Bluetooth but that’s a pain and battery draining.

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