Gas Tank Capacity & Cruising Range of the New Toyota Highlander

Ever wondered how big the gas tank is on your new Toyota Highlander? Well, wonder no more. The standard (non-hybrid) Highlander has a 19.2 gallon capacity. In metric terms, this works out to 72.5 liters.

Capacity + mileage = cruising range

At the lowest trim level (LE), the Highlander is outfitted with a 2.7L, 4-cylinder engine that’s rated for 20/25 mpg (city/highway; 22 mpg combined). This vehicle, which is FWD, has a cruising range of 384-480 miles (422 combined).

Once you move up the the 3.5L V6 (LE Plus or above) the mileage dips slightly to 19/25 mpg (city/highway; 21 mpg combined) for the FWD model or 18/24 mpg (city/highway; 20 mpg combined) for the AWD model.

This works out to a cruising range of 365-480 miles per tank (403 miles combined) for the FWD model and 346-461 miles per tank (384 miles combined) for the AWD model. Based on my real-world experience with a FWD XLE, I’d say that it’s reasonable to expect 450+ miles on the highway.

Given the above, you’re giving up about 20 miles per tank by moving from the 4-cylinder to the FWD V6. And you’re giving up another 20 or so miles per tank by moving from the FWD V6 to the AWD.

What about the hybrid?

Interestingly, the hybrid Highlander has a slightly smaller gas tank, with a 17.2 gallon capacity (65 liters). But the hybrid also gets better mileage, with an EPA rating of 27/28 mpg (city/highway; 28 mpg combined).

In terms of cruising range, this means that the hybrid Highlander should get 464-481 miles per tank. In other words, in combined city + highway driving, you should be able to go almost 80 miles further between fill-ups in the hybrid compared to the FWD V6 model. And when compared to the AWD gas model, the difference grows to nearly 100 miles.

Note that, in the US, the hybrid drivetrain is only available at the highest trim level (i.e., Limited Platinum), and all Highlander hybrids are AWD. For the record, you can get a hybrid at lower trim levels in Canada.

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  • Mike Kracher Jul 28, 2015

    Do you or does anyone know the actual usable amount of fuel? I believe the low fuel warning light comes on with about 10L (2.64USgal) in reserve and even if that is correct the last drop of fuel can never be used so it would be of interest to know how far a person could travel before actually running out of fuel.
    Your thoughts?

  • Greg Aug 21, 2015

    I was interested also. My warning light went on at 325 miles. I drove to 330 and filled up with 15.78 gallons. If the tank holds 19.2 that leaves 3.42 gallons. The light is suppose to go on with 2.9 gallons. That means 1/2 gallon is the max low. 18.7 should be the max fill up or 390 miles for AWD. The article says 384. The computer said 350 on the car as the range.

  • Dave Dec 20, 2015

    I also noticed that I can only get about 16 or less gallons of fuel into the xle when I stop after the warning light comes on, which is no where near the listed gas tank capacity.
    So according to this, I should be able to drive at least another 50 miles ( 2.5 gal. @ min. of 20mpg) after the light goes on, before I actually run out of gas? Has anyone pushed it that far?

  • AW Jun 29, 2016

    Interesting info – I recently bought a 2016 XLE FWD and dash reading gives a range of 260miles on a full tank. Went back to dealer thinking this had to be wrong but was told that was right. That does not come close to what has been detailed here.

  • Ken Aug 6, 2016

    On avg I drive move mostly in the city, 70% city and 30% highway.
    I own a 2014 highlander hybrid limited. I typically drive until the fuel indicator comes on before I refuel. My most recent fill up, I registered haven driven 372 miles with with 12 miles of driving range left. I topped off the fuel at 14.45 gallons. This has been pretty standard over the past two years. Fuel economy improved by about 10% when I use premium fuel of 92 or 93 octane which I only use in the winter months.
    Also, I want to note the owners’ manual says the fuel tank capacity is 15.1. I don’t think it’s true as I’d expect the fuel gauge needle to have been closer to the last tick or on the E just prior to my recent refueling.

  • Raymond Jan 5, 2017

    On a road trip the low fuel light on my 2015 Highlander Platinum came on after 355 miles. I drove another 24 miles for a total of 379 miles. The fill up amount was 17.028 gallons of 87 octane regular fuel in central Florida. FWIW, about the last 50 miles was in very slow stop and go traffic on I-75.
    Allowing for the 19.2 gallon capacity stated above, I supposedly had over two gallons or another 50 miles travel or about 430 miles on one tank. However, I would not want to push my luck on that amount.

  • Ken Beasley Jun 19, 2018

    Just remember folks,those fuel tanks house the fuel pumps and gasoline keeps them cool. Sooo,you might think about that if you run it low habitually. Kinda costly repair to replace the pump.

  • Mark Apr 12, 2019

    My 2015 AWD Highlander XLE averages 25 mpg combined, more like 27-28 highway at 60 mph avg speed.
    Using 25 mpg, should be able to go 50 miles after the low fuel light comes on, and still have almost a gallon in the tank. This would only likely be an issue if traveling on the highway between 2 towns, so probably even a little further range given the better highway mpg.

  • Walter Jan 8, 2020

    Have 2016 highlander recently purchased purchased,36,000 was a lease. I can fill up does it matter where and how many times it never reaches 300 miles plus for a range. Taking it to the dealership reset all the settings. Not a true reading of how I know how many miles that I have to go like my other car which was dead on, very disappointed, Gas mileage is terrible as well .

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