Engine Break-In Tips for the New Highlander

For the curious… Yes, the owner’s manual does list specific tips for breaking in the engine of your new Toyota Highlander. This information can be found on page 193 of the manual. I’ve excerpted it here for your convenience.

Breaking in your new Toyota

To extend the life of the vehicle, observing the following precautions is recommended:

  • For the first 186 miles (300 km):
    • Avoid sudden stops.
  • For the first 500 miles (800 km):
    • Do not tow a trailer.
  • For the first 621 miles (1000 km):
    • Do not drive at extremely high speeds.
    • Avoid sudden acceleration.
    • Do not drive continuously in low gears.
    • Do not drive at a constant speed for extended periods.

This is pretty standard advice that pretty much boils down to “drive carefully for the first 600 or so miles.” But it’s worth keeping in mind if you want to reduce the likelihood of mechanical problems down the line.

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  • Joel Oct 10, 2014

    Michael, we’re considering buying a 2015 Limited in a few hours, and then drive home which is 400 miles away. Based on the factory break in period suggestions, is this really a good idea? I would normally set the cruise control between 70-75 and stay there. What speeds do they consider excessive? Thank you

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