Toyota Highlander OEM Tires Wearing Out

As I’ve noted in the past, our Highlander came with Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia tires. These tires have decent reviews on TireRack (4/5 stars as of this writing), and they offer a reasonably comfortable ride, but…

They suck in terms of durability! Despite having a 5 year, 65k mile warranty, they are wearing down fast. I’ve rotated them every 5k miles based on the Toyota service schedule, but that hasn’t really helped.

As of now, after roughly 28k miles of driving, the pair that is currently on the front is almost down to the wear bars. And the pair on the back isn’t far behind. Traction isn’t great, and it’s looking like I need new tires. Already.

I guess this isn’t terribly surprising, as I’ve never had very good luck with OEM tires. But that 65k mile treadlife warranty made me think that this time might be different. Well, it’s not.

Yes, the tires are still within their warranty period, but… Treadlife warranties don’t typically apply to OEM tires on new vehicles. And if the warrant did apply, I really don’t want another set of these tires.

So… I’m now in the market for a new set of tires. If you’ve already replaced your tires, I’d love to hear what you ended up buying and how happy you’ve been with the new set.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, the LE, LE Plus, and XLE all have 18-inch wheels and use 245/60R18 tires, whereas the Limited and Limited Platinum have 19-inch wheels and use 245/55R19 tires.

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  • Rich Garcia Oct 1, 2015

    Mike, I purchased 2015 Highlander platinum model in Nov 2015. I have enjoyed reading your news letter which I find most helpful. Do not believe I received the last couple of issues. Also, do you have any feedback on a good bug reflector for the Highlander.


  • Rich G Oct 25, 2015

    Just bought a 2015 XLE. Came with Michelin Latitude Tour 245/60R18s.

  • GS Dec 7, 2015

    I had a similar experience (Own a 2013 Highlander Limited). Just got them replaced after 30K miles, because the tires seemed to be done – very little tread left.

    I did not research much, so went with the same brand again – Bridgestone D’s, but chose plus one size. The ride is very comfortable and it costed me $700.

    Next time, I need to get Michelin’s as I heard they have good longevity.
    Good luck!

  • Bob Jan 21, 2016

    Michael…as we all know OEM tires suck! There is no warranty and they are NOT made as well as aftermarket tires. This is intentional, as the $$$ hungry companies have us by the _______s.
    I am in a similar situation with my 2013 Highlander. I have Toyo Open Country tires, and they have only 50% Tread left after 18k miles
    After 1 month of investigation, I have decided on purchasing Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alensa Plus. The plus is the newer version. It carries another 10K plus warranty, and is now on sale at Firestone as an intro…buy 3 get 1 free. After adding all the road hazard, lifetime balance;etc, they were still still the best deal here in the Boston area.

    Good Luck. Let us know what you decide, and the $$$ market in your area.

  • Captain Mac Mar 22, 2016

    I have owned Toyota’s for 40 years, almost all modells including a couple of Landcruisers, I feel the Highlander is the best value for me. I have owned three, and am about to buy a fourth. The tire issue is for real! I have always used Michelon and have been please althought they are expensive. My local garage recommended Firestone Destination LE2 stating that they are highly rated. Tirerack rates them a 4.2 star out of 5
    They are warranted for 5 year 60,000 miles! They are 2 or 3 hundred dollars cheaper that the Michelons! We will see!!!
    Here is the full review:

    • Bernie May 13, 2016

      I had a set of the aftermarket LE’s on a Honda pilot and the noise after 20K miles was unbearable, I made it to 30K miles and yes there was tread left but it sounded like I had the cheapest snow tires half the family did not want to ride in the vehicle with me

    • Jenny Jul 15, 2016

      Hi, I was wondering what you ended up going with? I have the 2014 Limited Highlander with Toyo tires and they are already worn down at 25K miles. 🙁 Need to purchase a new set and want to be sure I get one that will last and give a smooth quiet ride for the long-run. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

  • Libby Murphy Jul 19, 2016

    2013 Hylander – had to get four new tires & I have only about 17,700 miles!
    Toyota mounted Goodyear tires on my SUV. Also, had to repair something because of rust – rust. It lives in the garage but does occasionally plays in the snow.

  • Libby Murphy Jul 19, 2016

    I read other comments like: I had a similar experience – replaced tires after 30K (Dec. 7, 2015) Wow – wish I could of gotten 30K from my 2013 Hylander……

  • Denise Etris Aug 3, 2016

    I have a 2013 Highlander Limited & just purchased my third set of tires & only have 48,000 miles on the car. The ones on it when I purchased lasted 26,000. I purchased a Cooper CTS P245/55R19which is a 65,000 mile tire. I just replaced at 22,000 miles. Cooper did give me an allowance however of 66% off of another set of Cooper SRX P245/55R19. I had my service records & the tires were worn evenly. My tire guy pointed out that both sets of tires didn’t last like they should have. He questioned if it is something in the way they wear. He said the 19″ wheels are too big for this vehicle. I decided to look for comments about this & found this site. Sounds like Toyota may have an issue. I’ve had Toyota for the last 35 years & never had this issue before my highlander.

  • Bruce Aug 13, 2016

    My 2015 lander still has OEM TIRES after 50k. 30k in Miami 20k in NYC. I had duelers by Bridgestone. That’s the best I’ve done with OEM tires. And nyc roads are BAD. I’m gonna try to get same ones again. Customers Love the ride.

  • cassandra medrano Aug 21, 2016

    I had the original Bridgestone (65K) replaced at 30K; I also rotated them every 5K. I bought Yokohama (60K) as recommended at Discount tire. They wore out after 20K; I replaced those with Michelin (55K). They are now at 5/32 and need to be replaced after only 20K. The car has 70,000 miles on it, and I am shopping for a 4th set of tires–no repeat brands.

  • Larry Deaton Oct 18, 2016

    I’m having a similar experience with my 2015 Limited Platinum edition Highlander. I got around 28K on the factory tires. I’m in the process of purchasing new Michelin Premier LTX tires for them. Also having to replace a bent Chromtec rim. I’ve had good experiences with the Michelin tires and will be sticking with those.

  • David Keebler Oct 21, 2016

    The 2016 Highlander Limited Hybrid we purchased recently was equipped with Toyo open country tires. Having had these tires before, I knew they have poor traction in our rainy Oregon climate. I have replaced them with Michelin Defenders from Costco which should do much better. As a sidelight, in balancing the last tire, the adapter to the apparatus became completely stuck in the wheel center. I had to purchase a replacement wheel for $694 and was quickly reimbursed while the tire was balanced and installed.

  • Becky Nov 14, 2016

    I also have a 2014 Highlander Ltd. And was surprised that I needed new tires at 27k mi. I thought the tire store was trying to take advantage of me when i came in with a flat. He said it was not repairable and all 4 of my tires were almost in the red zone for wear. I guess he wasnt fooling! I bought 4 new Michelins and it came to $1100. (i buy the replacement warranty)

  • S Dec 14, 2016

    2015 platinum highlander
    36k and the Michelins are at the wear indicators.
    What is the next choice?

  • S Dec 14, 2016

    Same Michelins on a Honda Pilot…..80k and still have more tread left than the Highlander…..

    • Arun Raj Kaprakattu Oct 28, 2019

      Your pilot should be very old vehicle. Tire life is better in Ladder frame SUV compared to monocoque. You wont get similar tire life in new Pilot

  • petra Jan 12, 2017

    I have a Toyota Highlander 2015 now on 24 K and already need tires I purxhase them with Bridgestone tires they are no good last week snow I was sliding on the road driving because there is no thread on the tire ,But in the past I had a 2004 highlander and it was much better on tire I had it for seven years and change the tires once in those seven yrs.

  • petra Jan 12, 2017

    Toyota need to recall those Bridgestone tires they are no good on the Toyota Highlander.

  • Dean Jan 13, 2017

    2015 Highlander XLE @ 25K miles with original Bridgestone Dualer H/L tires. At the 25K mile dealer inspection, tires are at 5/32 thread depth. Thread depth on a new tire is 10/32. But the wear bars at at 2/32. There is 8/32″ of usuable thread. So a tire with 5/32 thread depth has 38% thread left. I called the Bridgestone Tech Center and talked to a tire specialist. He said there is no wear warranty on original OEM tires installed on a new vechicle. So there is no way to have the tires pro-rated when buying new Bridgestone tires. The Dualer tires are wearing away at approx 1/32 per 5K miles. This means the tires will be at the wear bars at approx 40K miles (8/32 X 5K mi). I am going to replace my tires at 3/32 thread depth (35K miles). The Tech Specialist said the car manufacturers install the cheapest tires that gives the vehicle the best ride, gas mileage, low road noise, etc. Thread wear is not high on the priority list. So Bridgestone Dualer tires will wear out at 35K to 40K miles under normal driving conditions.

  • CARL ECKERSON Mar 21, 2017

    2015 Highlander Limited Platinum, 245/55R19 Bridgestone Dueler Tires, manufactured just two months prior to my auto purchase, have 30K miles with 3/32 remaining, even though Dealer rotated every 5K miles. I’ve learned that Rubber Compounds are made different for all tires, especially the OE Tires, so will replace, once worn to wear bar, with Michelin Defender LTX (70K) or Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S Plus (65K), both H Rated.

  • Patty Jul 27, 2017

    I am not surprised by your tire issues. I have a 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited and 30K miles and I am being told I need new tires. From day 1 I had a bad feeling with these tires, they just didn’t seem right. Now I have to purchase new tires. I am thinking of contacting Toyota directly. Let me know if anyone else has had any luck.

  • gary butti Aug 14, 2017

    2016 Highlander with 4000 miles had tire explode from overheating. Heat and wear is caused by friction which could be coming from full time 4 wheel drive ? The exploded tire was inspected by Toyota dealer and Bridgestone dealer with no explanation as to why tire overheated ? Neither one would cover warranty. The highlander is my wifes car, I am not giving up my 1977 chevy 4×4 ever !

  • Erica Aug 23, 2017

    I have a Toyota Highlander with 35,000 mi. Have the Bridgestone ORM tires, and they are very worn. Tread is almost gone. Wondering about replacing with same? Any alternative suggestions? Thanks!

    • Devin Sep 28, 2017

      I would be interested to know what other tires people have had good luck with on the highlander as well – have 2014 xle

  • Adam Oct 7, 2017

    18,000 miles into a 36,000 mile lease of a 2015 Highlander and the Bridgestone Duelers were SHOT. I’ve never had to put tires on a leased vehicle. Never again with Toyota and never again with Bridgestone.

  • Dean Differding Dec 7, 2017

    2015 Highlander XLE @ 35K miles. See my post above from Jan, 2017. The original Bridgestone Dualer H/L tires are at 3/32 thread depth and almost at the wear bars. I read numerous reviews on the internet about the best all-season radial tires for SUV’s. Almost all the reviews stated the Michelin Defender LTX (70K warranty) to be the best tire…and the most expensive. In the Seattle Metro area, I found the Defenders to be available at Discount Tire and Costco. Discount Tire had the best price at $960 total with a $100 rebate in November. I have had the tires for 3 weeks and they are great. The tires are quiet at high speed, ride nice over road bumps and holes, and have great traction on wet roads. I took the Highlander into the mountains to go skiing. The Defenders handled just like snow tires. They have great traction in the snow. I highly recommend Michelin Defender LTX tires for your Highlander.

  • Bob CT Dec 21, 2017

    I have a 2015 with just over 40K. They are not to the wear bars but I do expect to replace them before the next rotation at 45K. Not up to the implied warranty but I do a lot of highway driving. I am thinking of getting the Michelin Defender as well.

  • Krist Stenseth Feb 28, 2018

    I had the factory Bridgestone dueler 422 ecopia tires for 62k miles (factory original on 2014 awd limited, 19″ ). These babies were rotated religiously at 5k intervals and I checked the air weekly. They were not going to make the winter months in Chicago, so I bought some winter specific tires for peace of mind (Nice to be able to stop and or dodge other inattentive cell phone winter drivers during the commute = peace of mind – put 10k on the winter tires). However the originals are not down to the wear bars yet, but not worth getting them remounted. Currently looking for my next set of tires. Eyeing the Michelin defender ltx M/S all seasons $164 each, or cooper adventurer H/T all season, deals from $134 each.

  • Jeff M Mar 4, 2018

    I have a 2016 highlander xle. Tires just rolled over to 29k and they are worn out on the outside of the tires. The oem tires suck and I blame the cars in tow for causing all 4 tires to have the same wear pattern. All were rotated every 5-6k miles. So just like you all here the life of the oem tire is just not living up to 60k miles. I wasnt expecting 65k mikes but at least 45-50k would be nice.

    Thus i Just ordered some new tires at discount tire for $650.00 installed. Cant risk pushing these tires any more for mileage.

  • David Breaux Mar 24, 2018

    Replaced original tires at 27k with Goodyear fortura. Am now replacing them at 60k with uniroyal laredo cross country tour. Had good wear with these tires on my Nissan Xtera.

  • Jeff Post May 21, 2018

    I have had 4×4 and AWD Fords, Subarus, and now a Toyota. I only expect about 25,000 miles out of the OE tires, and I am usually never disappointed. Some surprise me and last until 30,000. I replaced our 2015 Toyota Highland limited OE tires at about 35,000 miles with a set of Michelin Defenders LTX. While that may seem above average, the OE Bridgestones were so bad in the snow that I bought new rims and snow tires, so they probably only had about 25,000 miles on them.

  • Ryan Jul 28, 2018

    OEM tires even though they may be “Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia” they are designed different then if you were to buy the same tire from Firestone. They are made cheaper for companies like Toyota to get in mass quantities to place on their vehicles. Generally speaking OEM tires will last around 30-40,000 miles. Convenitely enough a typical lease ends at 36,000 miles so if you return the vehicle with worn tires they charge you more to get a new set on the vehicle for resell. Or you’ll get a new set of tires yourself and then return the vehicle for them to sell it again with a new set of tires on it.

  • Hiro Aug 20, 2018

    I have a 2016 Highlander Hybrid Limited Platinum and just got a diagnosis on my OEM tires that they are at between 5/32nds and 4/32nds. We only have 29500 miles! Seemed like I should have gotten more. I was doing some research on if Hybrids wear tires faster than gas models because of the instant torque of the electric motor and the regen under braking. I wonder anyone out there have experienced the same.

  • Mike Sep 8, 2018

    I drive 2014 Highlander XLE. Just hit 31k miles with OEM Bridgestone Dueler, they will have to be replaced very soon. Currently considering between top tier brand (Pirelli or Michelin) or secondary brand (Cooper? Kumho?). Seems like everything will have to go at 30k anyways…

  • Tammy Oct 9, 2018

    I have a 2017 Toyota Highlander. I have 31K and at the last service appt. was told I needed new tires. Mine are all at 5/32, so the wear was even but excessive for the mileage in my opinion. Not impressed. Will be replacing them but NOT with the Bridgestone Duelers they came with.

  • Phoebe Crais Mar 23, 2019

    I have a 2014 XLE Highlander with less than 20K miles and they are worn so low they will fail the Lincoln test in less than a 1000 miles. I just ordered MICHELIN PREMIER LTX 245/60R18 105V CCC BSW ALL SEASON LUXURY SUV as replacement tires. They may cost more, but well worth the sense of security knowing my tires are safe. FYI, my previous 2005 Highlander made 35K before I had to replace the OEM tires.

  • Cheryl May 12, 2019

    I purchased a new Highlander SE in October and the tires need to be replaced soon. I have 15,000 miles. I cannot find a warranty and I had one blow out already. Any ideas?

  • Liz M May 15, 2019

    I have a 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE – The Michelin Latitude Touring tires that came with car when I bought are worn out – 30,000 miles. (Note: They had a nice handle solid feel – great grip on road. We live in country so many pot holes, curves, rough roads. I never felt unsafe or never felt any sloshing or wobble). I went to the 3 tire places around town and decided to go with Discount Tire Michelin Defenders (All Season) (70,000) warranty – not cheap all said and done with replacement certificates 1000 bucks. I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW TIRES! Here’s some adjectives for you: sloshy, squirmy, wobbly, shakey, loose – unstable feeling – feels like my rack and pinon are connected with a rubber band – drove on Interstate last night – 18 wheelers going by shaked the car uneasily – very scary! I have read that you have to wear a tire in, but these tires feel like internal construction of side wall is soft. So maybe the tires last longer, but the feel is important to us all – try another tire first. I am returning them today – it just feels like my car has no handling – scary feeling for the moment you want your car to be stable on the road and not wobble into a roll over. By the way – poor on turns – again feels like you will flip -( I am not a speed racer driver) – I am a Mom with children in the car.
    Oh btw: I have seen terrible reviews through tire research on the Pirelli Tires.
    I will leave another comment, on the next tires I end up with – or get stuck with the Defenders – will comment again after 500 miles to see if they ‘wore’ in better.

    • Liz Moser May 15, 2019

      Be ready to feel a flimsy side wall on Defenders – it feels like driving a bowl full of jello -compared to Michelin Latitude Tour tires.

  • Anita Cummings Jun 11, 2019

    I had a 2015 Highlander, had Toyo tires on it New, had to buy new tires at 25,000 miles. Now I have a 2017 Highlander with 27,000 and Brookstone tires, was told today that I need new tires. I’ve just ordered new Tires from a local tire company that are guaranteed for 75,000 miles. I trade every two years, this time I’m selling this Highlander to my daughter, and I’m not buying another Toyota. Shameful the company doesn’t put better tires on a 47,000 dollar vehicle.

  • Rich Jul 30, 2019

    I wish there was a better way to look at the data in this post. Scrolling, reading, and trying to remember what people like and don’t like and why sucks! Anyway, I have ’17 Highlander XLE; I’m at 35K miles and the OEMs aren’t going to make it through winter (excessive side wear despite regular rotations). I generally like Michelin, so I was going to get Defenders, but after reading Liz’s post, I’m not sure…argh!

  • Adam Nov 13, 2019

    I have a 2011 Highlander Limited – I’m on my 4th set of tires (160K miles) and need another set before winter.. the OEM I think were Bridgestone Duellers ?? and then I got them again, then I tried Conti Cross and they weren’t better. my last set was Pirelli Scorpion Verde AS Plus — after a lot of research and reco from Mavis believe it or not (the others I got from Toyota Dealers – on their by 3 get 1 for a dollar promos) I really like the Pirelli’s and I guess got about 2 years out of them so about 40K miles.. all in all I think the Highlanders eat tires! Anyone have a good rec?

  • Scott Dec 10, 2019

    Guess what, guys? There seems to be a pattern here… We have the same early wear problem on our ’16 Limited Highlander, and I don’t think it’s the OEM tires. Before I read these posts I already had a theory that there is a problem with the AWD transmission. When moving slowly in a mediumly tight turn- as in backing out of a parking space, I can feel/hear a tire (or tires) slip or ‘budge’ after being stuck on the pavement- like tires do in a turn on a vehicle that is locked in 4WD (differential lock).
    So I think there is something inherently wrong with the way the AWD system works on the Highlander. And I bet you Toyota and the dealers secretly knows this.

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