Panoramic Moonroof Rattling on a 2014-2015 Toyota Highlander?

A reader named Doug had a problem with the panoramic moonroof on his Limited Platinum Highlander. Fortunately, the dealer figured it out:

“I had an issue with a rattle in the panoramic moonroof. After two attempts, they found a Toyota note in the system about this issue related to loose screws in the roof. They found this issue with my vehicle and corrected the rattle. Makes me concerned with QA.”

Interesting. We have an XLE, so no panoramic moonroof. I’m not sure if this “note in the system” was a TSB or if it was something less formal, but… If your moonroof is rattling, a loose screw could be the culprit.

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  • doug Sep 28, 2015

    Following up, i pulled the invoice from the dealership and it is noted:

    “Panoramic roof loose and out of adjustment.
    Diagnose and adjusted and tightened panonramic roof glass”

    Hope this helps. Just posted issue with condensation under floor mats so add this to the hands free / gps frustration not much of a landerfan at present.

  • Jessica Mar 21, 2016

    The hatch on my 2015 is making odd noises. Maybe it needs to be lubricated? I open/close this a lot, as my dogs are crated in the back. I’m due for 10k service soon, and I’ll be asking about the noise then.

  • Ron Oct 7, 2016

    I’ve got an annoying squeak on the driver’s side interior door panel (2016 XLE). Because the steering column is so freakishly far away, I have to put the seat closer than I like. My left leg usually ends up bent and leaning on the door panel… which squeaks. Fortunately, the excessive noise from the roof racks drowns it out at highway speeds! 😉

  • Paul Hamilton Dec 9, 2016

    Dec. 8 2016
    I was able to check/see all my tire pressures (psi) on my 2012 Camry XLE dash display.
    So to my great surprise I find THERE IS NO SUCH FEATURE on my 2016 Highlander Limited Platinum, purchased last August.
    Just an “idiot light’ & message to tell you when you have a flat.
    I’m rather disappointed that for the price Toyota charges for this vehicle, they chose to cheap-out on the software so as to not include the tire pressure display for all four tires.
    Paul Hamilton

  • Dee Dec 16, 2016

    My driver window make a very high pitch squeak sound when locking into the up positions, dealer has done nothing but useless lub in it

  • Michelle Apr 21, 2017

    My 2015 LE makes a very annoying ticking sound near the steering column whenever I go over 70mph on the freeway. Dealer hasn’t been able to find anything to explain why.

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