Thule Hyper XL a “Perfect Fit” for the New (2014+) Toyota Highlander

While we’re on the topic of crossbars and cargo boxes… A reader named Milos left a comment saying that he’d recently picked up a Thule Hyper XL cargo box for his new Toyota Highlander.

According to Milos:

“I bought the Thule Hyper XL and it fits perfectly on the Highlander with lots of room to spare for the rear liftgate. The clamps have a good fit, too. We’re going to load it up and test it out on a long road trip starting this weekend.”

Interesting. When I go to the Thule website and use their cargo box fit guide, it reports that: “There is currently no solution for the combination you have selected.” But, based on the above, it appears that the Hyper XL works just fine with the new Highlander.

As an aside, though this is a relatively pricey box, with an MSRP of $959.95, it sure looks nice. Below are a couple of stock images of the Hyper XL.

Thule Hyper XL cargo box from above...

The Thule Hyper XL cargo box (installed) from above…

Thule Hyper XL (Rear Angle)

The Thule Hyper XL cargo box (installed) from another angle…

It weighs in at 47 pounds, meaning that you can stash 103 lbs of gear in it without exceeding the weight limit of the OEM crossbars. And it holds 17 cu ft of gear, so it’s pretty spacious.

For what it’s worth, the Hyper XL is currently available on Amazon with free shipping. Oh, and I’ve e-mailed Milos to see if he’d be willing to share with us any photos or additional details. I’ll update as appropriate.

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  • SLogan Jul 28, 2014

    We are looking to replace our current Highlander and thought we hit a wall with not being able to find a Yakima or Thule box to fit a new one. I would really like to see some pictures of the Thule Hyper XL installed. I’m still concerned there isn’t a roof rack system that fits from either Yakima or Thule. I’m not sold on using the factory cross bars based on my experience with our existing factory cross bars.

    • Michael Jul 28, 2014

      I’m hoping to get some pictures, but I don’t own the Thule box referenced in this post so I’ll have to rely on others for that. I do, however, own the Yakima SkyBox 21 and will be testing it out this coming weekend when we get home from the beach (we drove the Odyssey).

      I had hoped to test out the Yakima box on the Highlander before we left, but ran out of time.

      • JP Oct 4, 2014

        Any word on mounting either a Yakima or Thule box on the 2014 Highlander? Ski season is fast approaching…

  • Mo Nov 21, 2014

    Just installed the factory cross bars and purchased the X-cargo XL 15 from Sears. ( So far so goof. Am about to take a road trip from Boston to Toronto so will let you guys know how it went. First time ever using a roof box – God willing all will be fine. 🙂


  • Mo Dec 4, 2014

    OK just got back from my trip to Toronto with the the X-cargo XL 15 from Sears. (

    The box worked well and did not leak at all despite the rain storm, gusty winds and snow. However I noticed some temporary warping in the extreme cold weather. This later resolved itself when the temperature went back above freezing. In terms of capacity the 15 cubic feet box took 4 rollers/ carry on bags with some room to spare around the perimeter of the box. The biggest downside was that the box opens/unlocks from the rear (not the side like the Thules/Yakimas ). After opening the box you can load from the side though.

    Overall it was a worthwhile investment and a big cost saving over the other Thule/ Yakima boxes.

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