Is Toyota Already Accepting Pre-Orders for the 2015 Highlander?

This is just a quick note to let you know that a reader named Allen has already placed a pre-order for the 2015 Highlander. This is very interesting, as pricing info isn’t supposed to be available early next month.

As I noted in a previous post about availability of the 2015 Highlander, the new model should be hitting the market sometime in August. Consistent with this timeline, Allen says that his has a build date of 08/15/2014.

Allen has since confirmed that the list price wasn’t yet available, but that they were still able to negotiate their purchase price. I would imagine that the baseline pricing for the 2015 will be very similar to 2014 pricing, so they were at least able to work from that.

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  • AI Jul 26, 2014

    I can also confirm that some dealers are indeed pre-ordering ’15 models. Same pricing as ’14 and no changes in the new model.

  • JB Aug 1, 2014

    Do you know if the folks who pre-ordered 2015s are paying full MSRP?

  • jimbo Aug 3, 2014

    Anyone know if you can order a second row bench seat on a Highlander Limited? I have had one dealer say yes and another no.

    • AS Aug 15, 2014

      I too am wondering about the bench seat on a Limited. It’s not that I need seating for 8. I just can’t have the captain’s chairs in the second row. It ruins an otherwise excellent vehicle platform.

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