Toyota Cargo Liner for the New Highlander

Guess what I just put in our Toyota Highlander? A new cargo liner. When we bought our Highlander last winter, it came with the carpet cargo mat. This worked well enough in the short-term, but I wanted something better.

While I’m a huge fan of all things WeatherTech, including their cargo liners, the 3rd row seating in the Highlander presents a unique challenge. Sometimes we have those seats up, other times they’re down.

A better cargo liner?

So… We needed a cargo liner that’s not only weatherproof, but also accommodates the split/folding rear seat. WeatherTech doesn’t make such a thing, but Toyota does. And it’s not terribly expensive…

Toyota lists their cargo liner (pictured below) for $109.95, but you should be able to find it for around $85 (including S&H) if you shop around online.

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Here’s a shot of what it looked like upon arrival.

The Toyota Highlander cargo liner unboxed... (click image to enlarge)

The Toyota Highlander cargo liner unboxed… (click image to enlarge)

Next, a shot of it installed with the rear seats folded down. The cargo liner attaches to the carpet with little velcro discs that come with it.

The Toyota Highlander cargo liner laid flat... (click image to enlarge)

The Toyota Highlander cargo liner laid flat… (click image to enlarge)

Finally, here’s another shot of it installed, but with the rear seats up. As you can see, the “accordion” section in the middle allows the seats to easily fold into an upright position while the liner remains attached.

The Toyota Highlander cargo liner folded up... (click image to enlarge)

The Toyota Highlander cargo liner folded up… (click image to enlarge)

And that split in the upper portion? That accommodates the 60/40 split rear seat. Thus, you can have one side or the other up/down without your cargo liner getting in the way. Interested? You can check it out here.

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