Hybrid Highlander at Lower Trim Levels?

While we’re on the topic of pricing… Toyota’s decision to restrict their “Hybrid Synergy Drive” technology to only the very highest (Limited) trim level on the new Highlander has disappointed many who want a hybrid but not all the extra frills. But it’s not like that everywhere…

Indeed, buried in this thread over at ToyotaNation.com is a nugget of wisdom about hybrid Highlander availability north of the border:

For the 2014 model year, Toyota Canada is offering a base Hybrid LE, an XLE, or a Limited. As you know, in the USA, only the Limited trim is available [as a hybrid].

Also, with the strong US dollar, Canadian cars are around 10% cheaper once you apply the exchange rate.

In USA dollars at today’s exchange rate, Canadian Hybrids are:

  • HIGHLANDER HYBRID (LE) – $39,444


The cheapest 2014 Highlander Hybrid in the USA is $48,555 (in USD)
The cheapest 2014 Highlander Hybrid in Canada is $39,444 (in USD)

(edited slightly for clarity and to round some numbers)

So there you have it… If you really want a hybrid Highlander, but don’t want to pay for all the extras that come standard with the Limited trim level, you could try buying one in Canada and bringing it back home.

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