Retractable Cargo Cover for the Toyota Highlander

The new Highlander offers a fair amount of cargo space behind the 2nd row, but it doesn’t include a cargo cover. Thus, you’ll need to spend another $150 or so to keep people from seeing what you have stashed back there.

I picked one up (in black; they’re also available in tan/beige) after talking a local dealer into a $50-ish discount vs. the list price of $199. But you can save yourself the trouble and find them online in a similar price range.

In case you’re curious, the part numbers are:

Here’s a shot of it installed in our Highlander, but retracted…

Toyota Highlander Cargo Cover Retracted

The cargo cover, installed but retracted… (click image to enlarge)

In case you’re wondering, that’s the carpeted cargo mat underneath. It came with the vehicle, and it’s worked fine, but I have since replaced it with the OEM all-weather, foldable cargo tray.

Here’s a shot of cargo cover extended over the cargo space…

Toyota Highlander Cargo Cover Extended

The cargo cover, extended… (click image to enlarge)

It does a pretty job of hiding stuff, though there’s gap at the front, the size of which depends on the position/angle of the 2nd row seats. While it’s visible above, the following picture gives a better view…

Toyota Highlander Cargo Cover Gap

The gap between the 2nd row and the cargo cover…
(click image to enlarge)

That’s not a great shot, I know, but it’s an awkward angle and the lighting wasn’t ideal. But it will hopefully give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

There are also small gaps along the rear side windows. So, ultimately, it will do a good job of shading things and keeping them from getting cooked in the sun, and will generally keep things out of sight, but you may not want to rely on it for hiding top secret items.

And here’s a shot of the cargo cover stowed away in its slot in the under-floor storage at the back of the cargo area…

Toyota Highlander Cargo Cover Storage

The cargo cover in its storage slot under the rear floor… (click image to enlarge)

While the storage isn’t terribly convenient if you want to put your cargo cover up and down frequently, it’s definitely nice to have a place to stash it completely out of the way. If you’re interested…

You can order here: Black Cargo CoverBeige Cargo Cover

And if you’d like to further dress up your cargo area, you might be interested in picking up Toyota’s cargo tray and/or their cargo net. I have both, and they’re great.

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  • Steve Apr 5, 2014

    Are there any solutions for the gap? Having a hard time understanding product when there is still 3-6″ open so you can see almost everything in cargo area from the right angle outside car. Most covers have another section that attaches to the back of the seats via head rests. Very poorly designed product. Looking for solution…

    • Jon Feb 23, 2016

      Look on Aliexpress . Com. Made in china stuff has what you’re looking for. Just not sure on quality.

  • Jen Apr 6, 2014

    I agree. Very poorly designed. I am looking for solutions as well.
    I’ve sent in a ticket on the Toyota website. Please use the “contact us” on the Toyota website as well so they will know we need this resolved.
    I hope they create a solution for those of us who spent good money on the cargo cover or let us do a trade in or some type of special discount.
    We need a secure and private cargo area especially when traveling out of town. This is my only issue with the 2014 Highlander.

    • J W Apr 6, 2014

      I have the 2014 Highlander with the 2nd row captain’s seats.
      Toyota not only needs to address the issue with the gapping between the 2nd row with some type of security flap that attaches to the headrest but they also need to address security coverage for those with the captain’s seats.

  • Don Borchert Dec 18, 2014

    I got a cover from Penske motors but when I pulled it out the cover was pulled all the way out and will not retract.Anyone have a solution to get it back in? I was thinking of taking ends off and see if inside rod is stuck on something. Any ideas

  • Debbie May 7, 2015

    I bought a 2015 highlander with Ash interior. Toyota does not make a grey cargo cover. However, 2013 highlander has a grey one. I know the actual cover won’t fit the 2015, but are the bracket indentations the same. I would be willing to get a 2013 in grey and take it to an upholstery shop and have a new cover made. So far, I have been unable to get information about if the holder will fit in the brackets. Any help will be appreciated.

  • Jeff Mar 22, 2016

    I solved the front gap problem. I went to Hobby Lobby. For $6 I purchased a 30″x20″x1/4″ piece of black foam board. I cut two 7.5″x30″ pieces, then reduced the 30″ width to get the correct width and notched the foam board where the bar retracts. I used a new blade on a Xacto knife and a metal yard stick for the cutting. I then used velcro to attach the foam board to the rigid cross bar. You could also use double sided tape for less expense. For $7, I purchased a 30″x20″x1/2″ piece of black foam board. I cut it to 27″x20″. I placed this from the floor to the top of the cover to block the see through between the second row seats. It stays in place by itself. The end result looks good and does the job.

    I think Toyota left the cover open at the front to allow the seat backs to be folded forward. My 2004 Highlander did have the retractable front part of the cover which was better. As the ash interior has black carpeting and dash, I do not think the cover being black is a problem.

    • Mehdi Apr 24, 2016


      That’s a very clever idea… I think I’m going to try and do the same as you’ve done. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mary Aug 12, 2016

    i bought a used 2006 Highlander recently. I asked where is the cargo cover? The sales person said “if its not in the truck when it was traded, there is none.” I go home to read my manual and there it was right where it said it should be in the manual…under the back enclosure by the extra tire! Some salesperson! To my delight, it also had been equipped with extenders on the forward portion that others are describing as a “gap”..they were exact match, also retractable, and attach to hooks on back of second seats. I might add the salesperson didnt know if this vehicle had a third row of seating either…and yes, it does. I love the homelink system for garage door opening..another item I had to discover for myself. I think my next “Hunt for Red October” will be finding out more about the switch indicating that I have heated seats too.

    Wish me luck!

  • Larry Jan 24, 2017

    After a while of releasing the retractable spring loaded ends on the cargo cover they break.Talk about poor design.Only 2 very little screws stop the catapulted ends into the built in receiving holes,but not for long.First they bend then they bend then they break off,and fall and rattle inside the receiver for the cover with no visible way of getting them out or fixing/modifying that piece of crap.

    • Larry F. Jan 24, 2017

      Oh yeah,Good Luck

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