WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats for the 2014-2017 Toyota Highlander

This is just a quick note to let you know that WeatherTech has released their all-weather floor mats for the new Toyota Highlander. They’re similar to Toyota’s all-weather floor mats, though they’ll likely hold up better.

According to the manufacturer, these floor mats:

“… have deeply sculpted channels designed to trap water, road salt, mud and sand. Our proprietary engineered odorless resin ensures that these mats will not curl, crack or harden in sub-zero weather. Our All-Weather Floor Mats also have anti-skid ridges to prevent shifting in your vehicle and come with a protective, non-stick finish to make cleanup quick and easy.”

If you’re looking for comprehensive coverage, you’d probably be better off with a nice set of floor liners. But if your needs aren’t quite that extreme, these all-weather mats could be a good solution.

Prices vary depending on what you buy, but you can expect to pay around $160 shipped for a full (three-row) set. Alternatively, you can buy individual rows separately, though the marginal cost goes up a bit in that case.

The part numbers for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rows are W333, W334, and W335, respectively. They’re available in black, tan, or grey to match your interior.

Interested? You can get more details here.

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  • Pequan Oct 26, 2014

    I always imagined WeatherTech makes only the “Digital fit” with high walls. Stumbled upon their “All-Weather”, decided to give them a try. These mats are decent looking, feeling well made and substantial.
    They do have deep groves, I like to drive barefoot sometimes and think that they may be uncomfortable to my heels. I was disappointed with the fact that second row is not one piece but two overlapping halves. Trotted by kids, they tend to annoyingly separate and need annoying put back together every now and then. Drivers piece has a flap that covers foot rest on the left side. It will take getting used to, this is thick enough to take away my valuable space. Not bad, but if I had to choose again, I think I would go with OEM set from Toyota.

  • Gary wall Mar 29, 2015

    I just purchased Toyota rubber cargo liner for my 2015 highlander. Amazon has it p.n. Pt-924 -48140-20 $83.90 free s.h.
    Fits nicely but has about a one split were they would fit on back side of 60/40 seats .

  • Bill May 12, 2015

    i purchased the weather tech digital fit liners for my 2015 XLE. They fit great and did a wonderful job of keeping all the muck and grime from this nasty winter in New England in check and my carpets clean. They are easy to pop out and wash off too. I have the full set for all seat rows and the cargo area. Highly recommended.

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