WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners Now Available on Amazon

Well, that didn’t take long… As I noted last week, WeatherTech has released their DigitalFit floor liners for the new (2014+) Toyota Highlander. At the time, you had to go through WeatherTech to buy them, but…

That limited availability is beginning to change.

As of now, for example, you can buy DigitalFit floor liners for your new Highlander over on Amazon. The pricing isn’t any better, though, so I’d still recommend going straight to WeatherTech. That’s what I’m doing.

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  • Milos Jul 8, 2014

    Do you have any opinions on rooftop cargo boxes and bike racks? We’re going on a pretty big road trip in less than 3 weeks and I was thinking about the Thule Hyper XL 612. Was curious if anyone has experience with these rooftop cargo boxes for the 2014. We have a Chariot CX-1 for our 15 month old and I need to be able to fit the Chariot (after removing wheels or course) into the Hyper XL Cargo box.

  • Michael Jul 8, 2014

    Hi Milos. While I do have the crossbars installed on my Highlander, I have not yet attached a cargo box. We do, however, have one that we use frequently with our Honda Odyssey. It’s the largest Yakima Skybox with 21 cu ft of cargo space. We have the “pro” version in Titanium to match our silver van (and thus our silver Highlander).

    In short, the Skybox has been great. We fit all kinds of stuff in there, including our beach cart (with large, stroller-like wheels). The clamps are adjustable so there shouldn’t be any problem with attaching it to the Highlander’s crossbars. And the crossbars are tall enough that that there’s plenty of clearance above the antenna fin at the rear of the roof.

    Hope this helps.

    • Milos Jul 9, 2014

      That’s great Michael, thanks for sharing.

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