WeatherTech Floor Liners With Captain’s Chairs (Followup)

This is just a quick followup to my earlier post about WeatherTech having introduced a new floor liner for the Highlander that’s compatible with 2nd row captain’s chairs. As it turns out, a reader named Jim pointed out that the photos on the WeatherTech website were incorrect.

As you may recall, the WT website depicted a design similar to that of many minivans, which requires that the rear captain’s be removed and replaced during the floor liner installation process. Not very convenient.

Here’s a snippet of Jim’s comment:

The mats for the 2014/2015 do not require the captain’s chairs be removed. When I saw the pictures of the set on the WeatherTech site, I called the company about the fitment. They said the picture was in error and the seats do not need to be removed to install the 2nd/3rd row one-piece mat. They sent me the correct photos of the mats and on that basis I ordered them.

Here are three of those pictures. The first shows the front view.

The new WeatherTech floor liner from the front...

The new WeatherTech floor liner from the front… (click image for details)

The next provides a between-the-seats perspective.

Between the captain's chairs...

Between the captain’s chairs… (click image for details)

And the last one shows what things looks like in the 3rd row.

The view from the rear...

The view from the rear… (click image for details)

The upshot is that these floor liners should be pretty easy to put in/out of your Highlander, meaning that they’ll be very easy to keep clean.

As a reminder, the 2nd/3rd row combined liner retails for $89.95. Or you can get the complete set (1st + 2nd/3rd row) for $199.90, which compares favorably with the $249.85 that I paid for the three-row set that is compatible with bench seating.

Interested? You can get more info by clicking this link, and then clicking the “Order This Product” button to specify your vehicle details.

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