WeatherTech Pet Barrier for the New (2014+) Toyota Highlander

As a quick followup to yesterday’s post about there being no 2nd row bench option at the Limited trim level… I just wanted to share a bit of insight about pet barriers for those who want to contain their dog in the rear cargo area, behind the Highlander’s 2nd row.

Recall that the lack of bench seating in the 2nd row means that there’s a gap that people (and pets!) can pass through. As convenient as this might be for some, others are unhappy about Toyota’s inflexibility on this point.

So… If you’re a dog owner and you want a high-end Highlander (Limited, perhaps with the Platinum package?) you may be in the market for a pet barrier to keep your dog from venturing out of the cargo area.

WeatherTech Pet Barrier

The WeatherTech Pet Barrier (see below) is one of the most popular solutions out there. Coincidentally, it’s made by the same folks who make what I consider to be the best custom-fit floor liners on the market (see also here and here — or here). But I digress…

WeatherTech Pet Barrier

The WeatherTech Pet Barrier keeps your dog from wandering… (click image to enlarge)

Unfortunately, when I checked WeatherTech’s website, I saw that their pet barrier isn’t listed as being compatible with the 3rd generation (2014/2015) Highlander. Disappointed, I contacted them to ask when this might change.

The person I spoke to got in touch with their Product Development Team and… Guess what? The WeatherTech pet barrier actually is compatible with the new Highlander. They just haven’t updated the website yet.

Placing an order

To order for the 2014+ Highlander, simply visit their site and select the 2013 Toyota Highlander as your model. Once you do so, the pet barrier should appear as available and you’ll be able to buy it for $69.95 + S&H.

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Note that there is also an extension (the third [lower] piece in the photo above) that will help to fully block the gap between the captain’s chairs. The basic barrier is designed to stop pets from going over the seats, while the extension will keep them from sneaking through the gap at floor level.

To order the extension, go to the product page as above, select your vehicle (use 2013 Highlander), and then select the pet barrier extension under the “Select Type” pulldown menu. The list price is $24.95 + S&H.

Oh, and both of these items are also available on Amazon. And, depending on when you look, the prices might be slightly better (or worse) and you may or may not get free shipping. You can check prices for the pet barrier and extension panel here and here, respectively.

If you’re a dog owner and you have a different solution to the captain’s chair gap, please let the rest of us know by leaving a comment below.

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  • k berggren Sep 19, 2014

    how can toyota download software for a digital speedometer on my toyota highlander, 2015. Other car companies have this great feature on their dashboard(ford, Buick and others). I have had it on my 2001 Pontiac Aztek and do not want to be without it. A disappointing failure for the highlander.

  • Patrick Hall Dec 3, 2015

    What I ended up doing (per a forum post I found on search) was to source some (firm) foam from a local upholstery shop and glue a cover to it. As luck would have it, they had some scrap vinyl on hand which matched my tan interior almost perfectly, and using spray 3M adhesive I was able to get a tight fit on the foam. Dimensions if you choose to go this route are 22″ x 9″ x 8″. Fits very well and makes a nice firm bridge for your buddy.

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