Weight Limit of the Toyota Highlander Crossbars

Have you been thinking about installing the OEM crossbars on your new Toyota Highlander? If so, perhaps you’re wondering how much weight they can safely hold. Well, here’s your answer…

According to the Toyota website, the crossbars for both the LE/LE Plus (available here) and the XLE/Limited (available here) trim levels have a total capacity (i.e., load rating) of 150 lbs.

Note that this weight limit reflects the total capacity of the crossbars, so you have to factor in the weight of whatever container you might be using. With a typical cargo box weighing upwards of 50 lbs, this means that you may be limited to hauling ca. 100 lbs of stuff on the roof.

But don’t despair… As long as you make a point of putting your bulky but relatively lightweight stuff (e.g., stroller, beach cart, folding chairs, sleeping bags, etc.) up top, you should be good to go.

I promise, long roadtrips are way more comfortable and convenient when you don’t have to jam stuff into every nook and cranny inside the vehicle.

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  • Mike Jan 25, 2015

    We often carry two kayaks (approx 130 lbs) on our vehicle, utilizing a Thule 883 Glide & Set carrier. We’ll soon be buying a 2015 Highlander Limited and plan to install the Toyota cross rails, then clamp our Thule saddles directly to the rails. Can anyone comment on the safety and security of this set-up? (we’re concerned about the ruggedness of the rail attachment to the roof of the vehicle during windy conditions at highway speeds).


  • John Jul 5, 2015

    When you open the rear door the chime(?) sounds like an industrial vehicle is backing up. Is it possible to turn the rear door chime off so the door opens silently?

  • Sean Jun 5, 2016

    Looks like the weight limit rules out the use of any of rooftop tent options that are now out there.

  • Alec Mar 14, 2018

    Hi there,
    I recently just sold my 2004 Highlander with 283,000 and purchased a 2014 XLE. I clean windows for a living and the versatility of the Highlander is excellent for my line of work. My question is regarding the sturdiness of the factory cross bars. I frequently carry ladders on my vehicle and have been considering purchasing a Thule setup to add durability and stability. What is your opinion: do you think the factory crossbars could handle 3 ladders ratchet-strapped down? Or should I pursue the Thule option?
    Thank you very much for your help.

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