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Hello and welcome. You’ve arrived at LanderFan.com, a website dedicated to the 3rd generation (2014 and beyond) Toyota Highlander that just started rolling off the assembly line and showing up in dealerships.

For background, we bought the newly re-designed Highlander in mid-February and all I can say is… Wow. It’s fantastic. Ours is an XLE (FWD) in Silver Sky Metallic with black leather seats, a 2nd row bench seat, and the BluRay/DVD entertainment system in the back.

And yes, I was inspired to create this website after just a few hundred miles of driving. What can I say? I’m a fan. Over time, I’ll be building up a collection of tips, tricks, hacks, how-to articles, and other newsy tidbits related to the Toyota Highlander in general, and my Highlander in particular.

You’re hereby invited to follow along.

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  • Steve Jul 14, 2014

    Do you have any comments on the roof rack on an XLE? Since they are fixed I am having trouble finding a cargo carrier for the roof.

    • Michael Jul 14, 2014

      Hi Steve. I’ve been planning on writing something about about the roof rack. Yes, it’s fixed, but the clamps on many cargo boxes are movable. We have the largest Yakima SkyBox (21 cu ft) and the “feet” are adjustable.

      That said… I still haven’t mounted it on the Highlander. I need to get it out of the shed and try it out. But it works great on our Odyssey, which likewise has fixed crossbars.

  • MICHAEL VALLEY Jul 28, 2014

    Traded a 2008 Highlander AWD for a 2014 Highlander XLE AWD. Had the 5000 mile checkup & the service writer didn’t check to see if there were any recalls. As a result I had to come back for the Seatbelt Selectable Force Limiter Software recall.

  • Keith Aug 15, 2014

    Not sure if you have one or not but I also just bought and had my mechanic install a great trailer hitch… 2014+ Toyota Highlander 2″ Hidden Ecohitch from TorkLift Central ( https://shop.tlcentral.com/store/pc/2014+-Toyota-Highlander-2-Hidden-Ecohitch-p2184.htm ). Saved about $200 from what I would have paid if the Toyota Dealer installed a Toyota hitch.

  • Andy wood Sep 13, 2014

    Hi Michael,
    I am waiting for my xle awd 2015 highlander and wondering about tire size. In the Canadian Toyota website, it’s stated that the xle comes with 19″ tires. When I look at tire shop websites, it states xle OEM tire size is 18″. I assume 2015 = 2014 in terms of tire size. Would you be able to check what tire size comes in your xle? I could ask the dealer but the only Toyota dealership here has no highlander on the lot and I think they will go with what the Toyota website states. I have been keeping an eye out for an xle on the road to check it out but for a car that’s sold out I’m having a hard time finding one on the road. Your help is appreciated and i can’t wait to get the car..

  • Paul Sep 16, 2014

    I wanted to ask if anyone has added a performance chip to increase bhp and or fuel economy? I wondered if this would infringe on the warranty.

  • Moose Sep 29, 2014

    We just traded in an ’07 Odyssey for a 2015 Highlander XLE, now two weeks old. I’m stoked. I loved the room of the minivan, and actually wanted another, but my wife talked me into an SUV/crossover, and we chose this over the Pilot. Love this site so far, Michael. 🙂

  • Craig Feb 14, 2015

    Recently asked if anyone new how to change the door locks on an LE PLUS. Figured it out. Yea! Didn’t like the doors automatically unlocking when shifting to park. Enjoy your site.

  • Cherrie Jul 18, 2015

    Michael thanks for creating this site. We’ve just traded our Camry in for a (2015) Limited and are very excited. We’re 30+ year Toyota owners, but this is out 1st Highlander.

    The 1st puzzle we have is securing our dogs (in the cargo area) for trips to the vet, etc. We’re looking at carriers but few/none seem to come ready to accept tie-downs.

    We figured those things would come “SUV ready” but…

    If anyone’s already invented this wheel we’d like to hear the details.

    Thank you.

  • Bob D. Sep 18, 2015

    Has anyone had door edge guards installed on their 2015 Highlander or does anyone have any comments about door edge guards?

  • Andy Sep 26, 2015

    I got a 2015 Toyota Le plus. It didn’t come with the 120v outlet. Can I add this? Does the vehicle come prewired so I just get part? Please let me know thanks

  • dave Nov 9, 2015

    Just bought a new blizzard white LE plus Highlander. its awesome so far.

  • Don Sgamba Nov 20, 2015

    I own a 2014 Highlander XLE with 24,400 miles. Since new I have noticed a slight buzzing sound when accelerating normally at very low speeds from a stop. This noise has gotten louder and more frequent, usually accelerating between 5 and 25mph. My Toyota dealer is puzzled. Has anyone had this problem?

  • Edgar Dec 24, 2015

    Thank you for all your posts, they have really helped me with my new 2015 Highlander

  • rob Jan 16, 2016

    I was wondering if you have a heated steering wheel? I have the Limited Platnium, 2014 and the steering wheel only has heat from the 2 o’clock to 10 o’clock position, seems funny to me that they would not heat the whole steering wheel.

  • Charlie Spear Feb 16, 2016

    Regarding your inquiry about “accessories: I am new to your newsletter. Purchased a Lander Hybrid in May 2015. First accessory: WeatherTech liners! Having had WeatherTechs in my last 2 vehicles, I refused the dealer’s OEM floor mats – which were more expensive than a full set of WeatherTechs. Nothing compares to WT liners! Dealers could probably make a few extra bucks by stocking them. Next accessory (a Christmas gift): StopDrop. Two foam tubes that install between the front seats and the storage bin… catches change, debris and odds and ends that fall out of your pocket. Pretty cool. Last “accessory” was home made: I take a Sears tool cart drawer liner, cut it into a small oval and place on the dash above the steering wheel to set my eye/sunglasses so they won’t slide away. Friction keeps the mat in place. Also line the storage bins with the same material as it deadens any sounds of loose items rattling around.

    As for the Lander? Love it! Could have bought anything within the price range. Researched thoroughly. Started with Consumer Reports in which it topped out. Over 10K miles, including a long trip to Canada, with absolutely no complaints or problems. From PA to NC (more down hill than up on I-85) at 60 mph on cruise, I averaged 35.8 mpg.

    The sale was clinched by my dealer (Jim Barkley Toyota, Asheville, NC) who provides lifetime free oil changes, lifetime power train warranty, and doubles the length of Toyota Care. Plan to keep this vehicle for at least ten years.

    Enjoy reading LanderFan. Thanks.

    • Linda Feb 4, 2018

      I am searching on here for information on why there is such poor gas mileage performance on my new 2017 Highlander Hybrid. I am getting less than 23 mpg and supposed to get 27/29. I called the dealer and they said it is because of it being winter. Hmmm. Not sure I buy that. Maybe a mile or two but this much?? Looking for some help!! Thanks

  • Charlie Spear Feb 16, 2016

    Clarification of above: My use of the term “average” may have been incorrect. The Hyrid displays several energy/mileage graphs. The 35.8 mpg may actually refer to the “best” mileage obtained rather an actual average for a specific distance. Still, regardless of how low gas prices may go, I want to achieve the best fuel efficiency for a vehicle of this size… as well as limiting emissions. A major factor in my Lander purchase.

  • Roberta Betts Dec 21, 2016

    We have a 2016 highlander hybrid..the navigation system does not recognize a major highway (US 2) in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It wants to take us up to the Soo & back down. Cannot figure this out!

    • Ghjh Oct 11, 2017

      In settings you have to unclick avoid highways

  • Larry Werner Feb 13, 2017

    LanderFan is a wonderful website! Thank you! On our 2016 Highlander XLE I need instructions on setup so putting the car in “PARK” unlocks ONLY the Driver side door. Can you help? Than you.

  • Carl Chappell Jan 11, 2018

    Anybody home?

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