Curt Trailer Hitch Installation at U-Haul

As a quick followup to my earlier post about installing a Curt trailer hitch, I wanted to share with you details of my own hitch installation. As I noted in that post, I opted for the Curt hitch instead of the Toyota version.

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Accessories (OEM & Aftermarket)

Installing a Curt Trailer Hitch on a New Toyota Highlander

Several readers have written in to ask for alternatives to Toyota’s trailer hitch for the new Highlander. While I’ve previously written up details re: the Toyota hitch, I haven’t talked much about aftermarket options.

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Accessories (OEM & Aftermarket)

Changes in the 2016 Toyota Highlander

Toyota issued a press release last week detailing what the forthcoming 2016 Toyota Highlander will have to offer. Apparently, very little will be changing between model years 2015 and 2016.

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Models & Pricing, News & Rumors

Toyota Highlander OEM Tires Wearing Out

As I’ve noted in the past, our Highlander came with Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia tires. These tires have decent reviews on TireRack (4/5 stars as of this writing), and they offer a reasonably comfortable ride, but…

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Maintenance & Repairs

Aftermarket Bumper Protector for the 2014-2015 Toyota Highlander

As a quick followup to my earlier post about preventing rear bumper damage on your Toyota Highlander, I just wanted to share with you another bumper protection option that I recently ran across…

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Panoramic Moonroof Rattling on a 2014-2015 Toyota Highlander?

A reader named Doug had a problem with the panoramic moonroof on his Limited Platinum Highlander. Fortunately, the dealer figured it out:

“I had an issue with a rattle in the panoramic moonroof. After two attempts, they found a Toyota note in the system about this issue related to loose screws in the roof. They found this issue with my vehicle and corrected the rattle. Makes me concerned with QA.”

Interesting. We have an XLE, so no panoramic moonroof. I’m not sure if this “note in the system” was a TSB or if it was something less formal, but… If your moonroof is rattling, a loose screw could be the culprit.

Complaints & Troubleshooting

Rear Bumper Protector for the 2014-2015 Toyota Highlander

A reader named Sue recently asked the following:

“After unloading some heavy luggage, I realized that our Highlander has nothing protecting the top of the rear bumper. Walking around the neighborhood, I saw that nearly every other SUV has a plastic or rubber strip on their back bumper. I did find a chrome option online, but I’d prefer a simple black rubber option. Are you aware of any aftermarket products that might work?”

Sue is correct, the Highlander’s rear bumper is naked as can be. And it’s also painted to match the color of the vehicle. Thus, it’s pretty susceptible to ugly damage when loading and unloading luggage, etc.

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Accessories (OEM & Aftermarket)

Entune Freezing and Crashing (Followup)

Last fall, I shared a couple of reader stories about problems with the Entune system freezing, crashing, and/or rebooting on its own. In the time since then, I’ve heard from many others with similar problems, but…

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Complaints & Troubleshooting, Technology & Infotainment

Change the Spacing of the 2014-2015 Toyota Highlander Roof Rack Crossbars?

In response to my previous post about installing crossbars on your Highlander, a reader named Dick asked:

“The 27-inch spacing of the standard design is too close. There are no roof container designs available. Do you think the bars could be installed further apart?”

There are actually two issues here, the ability to change the spacing of the crossbars and the availability of suitable cargo carriers. I’ll tackle them one at a time, below, starting with crossbar spacing.

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Accessories (OEM & Aftermarket)

The 2016 Toyota Highlander: Release Date, Pricing, and Features

A reader named Stephanie recently asked about the forthcoming availability and pricing of the 2016 Toyota Highlander:

My husband and I are shopping for a Highlander. We have been looking at the 2015 model, but debating if we should wait for the 2016. Any good insight that you’ve read about regarding the pricing and release dates for the 2016 model?

Unfortunately, Toyota hasn’t released any info, and I don’t have any special insights. As always, however, I’m more than happy to speculate! 🙂

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Models & Pricing