Does the 2015 Toyota Highlander Support Apple’s CarPlay?

Earlier this year, Apple made waves by announcing their CarPlay system for in-car iPhone integration. While Toyota has (sort of) confirmed that they’ll support CarPlay starting in 2015, further details have been lacking.

Well, with the official release of the 2015 Toyota Highlander just around the corner, I’ve heard from a couple of readers who are wondering if the new model will be include support for CarPlay.

The short answer appears to be no, the 2015 Highlander will not be CarPlay-capable. I searched the owner’s manual for 2015 Highlander and couldn’t find a single mention of CarPlay. Entune? Yes. CarPlay? Nope, sorry.

And before you start thinking that CarPlay might be part of the tech package, it’s not. Those optional features are actually covered in the owner’s manual, so… The lack of any mention of CarPlay indicates to me that the new Highlander will not support it. Bummer, huh?

Oh well, that’s one less thing for us early adopters to regret as we tool around town in our 2014 models. And who knows? Maybe someone will roll out an attractive aftermarket CarPlay solution one of these days.

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