Release Date of the 2015 Toyota Highlander?

Most new car models hit the market by late summer or early fall of the preceding year. So a typical 2014 model would have been available by last September, if not earlier. But the 2014 Highlander was an exception.

As early adopters are likely aware, the 2014 Highlander didn’t start appearing in showrooms until January of 2014. And yes, supplies have remained rather tight ever since.

Despite this, as we head into summer, you may be wondering when the 2015 Highlander will make an appearance. Well, I (sort of) have the answer you are searching for…

According to Toyota, fleet ordering of the 2015 Highlander started on May 1st, 2014 and pricing information is expected to be available on August 7, 2014. The same dates apply to the hybrid Highlander.

Beyond the above, the ARI Fleet website shows that production of the 2014 model year will end in June 2014 and production of the 2015 model year will commence in July 2014.

Of course, nothing is certain until it happens. But it looks like the 2015 Highlander is coming (relatively) soon…

P.S. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you should also keep in mind that the Honda Pilot is due for a re-design in 2015.

Hat tip to qs933 over at ToyotaNation for digging up this info.

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  • Confused Pilot Jun 27, 2014

    Honda is already “selling” their 2015 Pilot, and they are NOT re-designed ( Same ‘boxy’ concept from last 9+ years. Was really hoping for that re-design, hence I’m moving from Pilot to Highlander.

    • Shy Jul 26, 2014

      Honda Pilot is due in 2015 with 2016 model which will be redesign.

  • Allen Jul 25, 2014

    Hi. I have pre-ordered a 2015 Highlander. Mine is being made on 8/15/14. So, they should be on the lots not too long after that.

    • Brenda Gray Jul 27, 2014

      Allen, I decided to wait for the 2015 XLE. Do you mind me asking what you paid? If pricing isn’t available until 8/7, how did they price your 2015? Thanks.

    • Alf Jul 28, 2014

      Allen, where/how did you pre-ordered a 2015 Highlander? Dealer / web? Do you mind me asking what you paid?

  • Mar Jul 29, 2014

    I’ve got out the door pricing down to under $35K for a new 14 Highlander XLE. I am also wondering about the 15s and pricing. Please Allen fill us in

  • Allen Jul 30, 2014

    Hi. I was wanting a 2014 Limited and my dealer couldn’t find the exact one I wanted since the current model year was no longer being made. The dealer was able to look up when one was being made w my exact specifications and 8/15 is the date built. They won’t have pricing til first week of August so hopefully there won’t be much of an increase. I get special pricing through my work, TMMK, so I pretty much know the purchase price within a few dollars.

  • Kriss Jackson Aug 4, 2014

    All the talk about 2015 Honda Pilot being redesign is just rumors. The redesign will actually take place 2016!!!

  • John Feb 8, 2015

    Hi Michael,
    I took delivery of my 2015 Highlander Hybrid Limited in Blizzard Pearl on Dec. 23rd. I placed the order July 22nd. At time of order, the dealer and I had no idea when it would be built. I got notice a week before production date of Nov. 8th. It was delivered to the dealer Nov. 28th.
    Quite fast. It was purchased in British Columbia, Canada. I found out that there were only 5 allotted for the entire province. I needed to know when it would arrive to plan my trip south to Arizona and California for the winter. Unfortunately, Toyota is very secretive about any information. I ended up leaving for the southwest on Nov. 4th, and got word on the day of delivery (Nov. 28) that it had finally arrived. We decided to drive back home on Dec. 19th as I was anxious to get my new Highlander. I have been very happy with the car in general but somewhat disappointed to find out that certain features like Entune are not available on vehicles made for the Canadian market. Also, US Toyota Dealerships can not access the VIN on Canadian vehicles for service purposes etc. Extremely odd considering they are all made in the same plant in Princeton, Indiana. I also have been informed that there are no changes from the 2014 to 2015 model year except a slight price increase.
    It handled the mountain passes of Oregon and California very well with no lack of power and the Hybrid technology is quite impressive.

    Thanks for the informative articles, keep ’em coming.

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