Toyota Highlander vs. Acura MDX

I’m not sure about you but, before buying our new Toyota Highlander, we shopped a number of competing vehicles. And yes, this even included a trip to the local Acura dealership to test drive the 2014 MDX.

Since we have a Highlander parked in our driveway, it’s no secret which vehicle carried the day. But why did we choose the Toyota Highlander over the Acura MDX? Mainly because the XLE gave us pretty much everything we wanted, and at a much better price point than the MDX.

The NY Daily News agrees, saying:

“So what happens when Acura gently revises the redesigned MDX crossover while Toyota pulls out the stops redesigning its Highlander? You get two vehicles that are surprisingly close to each other, except in price.”

Yup. That pretty much sums it up. They go on to conclude that:

“The big story here is not that one of these cushy crossovers is vastly superior to the other; indeed, that they’re so close is what’s remarkable! Both are very nice looking, and each of them holds lots of people and things. They’re also remarkably well-mannered on city streets or on the open highway. With than in mind, however, the Highlander seems like an MDX with $12-grand on the hood.”

An MDX with $12-grand on the hood. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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